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Coconut Husk Mesh Belt Dryer/Drying Machine

Applicable Suitable For 
Food /Vegetable/Fruit/Pharmaceutical/Agricultural Drying
Output 200-3000kg/h
Drying time 0.5h-5h
Temperature 40-120℃
Heat source Coal,Wood chips,Natural gas,Diesel,Propane,Electricity etc
Core advantages  Fast dehydration/Continuous automatic work/High output/
Wide application/Flexible mobility/Simple or without installation/Small area occupy
Working principle of coconut husk continuous mesh belt dryer

Baixin coconut husk continuous mesh belt drying machine is a kind of continuous production drying equipment, the main heating way has electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the material. so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The operation temperature is 40-120 degree centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours. It is mainly used for fruit and vegetable, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and other agricultural and sideline products. The equipment easy to operate, save time, drying process health and protect environment. 

Components of coconut husk continuous mesh belt dryer

Multiple heat sources selection
Technical parameter
Model BX-2*6m BX-2*8m BX-2*9m BX-2*10m BX-2*12m BX-2*15m

Areas of dry
4 layers 36 64 72 80 96 120
5 layers 45 80 90 100 120 150
6layers 54 96 108 120 144 180
Thickness of the material 50-200mm
Operation temperature 40-120
Drying time 0.5-5h
Motor Power YCT-1.1kw YCT-1.5kw YCT-1.5kw YCt-2.2kw YCT-3kw YCT-5.5kw
Evaporation,capacity 300-500
The size of input furnace 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Fan 8C-11kw 10C-15kw 10C-15kw 11C-22kw 12C-22kw 14C-55kw
Exhaust fan 3.15C-1.5kw Y5-47-4C-2.2kw
Output conveyor 0.12kw(adjust speed motor)
Total power 14.9kw 20.7kw 24.2kw 28.4kw 37.2kw 64.7kw
Field of Application
The dryer machine  has good quality, and both inside and outside dryers are made of stainless steel or paint materials. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, rust-free, suitable for food series, vegetable series, fruit series, pharmaceutical series, agricultural and sideline products of large-scale continuous dehydration drying.


Drying material before and after
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