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Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine

 Applicable  Vegetable/Fruit/Medicinal/Seafood/
 Cheese products/Larva/Spices/Pet food Drying
 Output  100-2000kg/h
 Drying time  2-5min
 Core advantages   Fast drying speed/Energy saving and environmental protection/
 All stainless steel and drying process is fully enclosed/Microwave   sterilization 
Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine Introduction
  Microwaves are electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHZ. The material in the heating medium in the molecules of water is a polar molecule. It in the rapidly changing under high frequency magnetic field, its polarityorientation will be with the change of external electric field changes, resulting in molecular motion and friction between the effect, this field of the microwave field can transformed into thermal energy within the medium, the temperature of the material increased, heating and puffing a series of physical and chemical processes, so as to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying.
  During the equipment is working the microwave generator produce the microwave. The materials enter into the heating chamber by conveyor.At this time,moisture and bacteria inside the material inside the material evaporate under the action of microwave energy to achieve unfreeze sterilization ripening fixing drying purpose.
  The microwave vegetable dryer can not only dry fresh vegetables, but also achieve a sterilization effect. The nutrients of the vegetables will not be lost, and the shelf life of the vegetables is prolonged. The dryer can be used for dehydration of carrots, cardamom, potatoes, cassava, onions, ginger and other vegetables. It has the characteristics of fast drying speed, uniformity and easy operation.
Features of Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator
  Clean and sanitary: The microwave uses a physical sterilization method, which can kill bacteria, molds, viruses and other harmful microorganisms without adding chemical preservatives. During the sterilization process, it will not pollute the material, nor change the color, fragrance, and nutritional content of the material.
  Fast processing efficiency: Compared with other drying or sterilization equipment, microwave material processing equipment does not require preheating. It takes about 2-3 minutes to complete the process from feeding to discharging. The processing efficiency is fast and the effect is good。
  Uniformity: Microwave is the interaction between material molecules, regardless of the external shape, it can make all parts of the material have the same effect.
Features of Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator
Technical parameter
Model Rated Power Output Power  Dehydration rate(h)  Working frequency  Specification(mm) 
 BX-  30HMV      ≤30kw  ≥30kw  16-20kg   2450±50MHz   11000*1200*2200 
 BX-40HMV  ≤40kw  ≥40kw  24-30kg  11000*1500*2200 
BX-50HMV ≤50kw ≥50kw 32-35kg 12100*1500*2200 
BX-60HMV ≤60kw ≥60kw 40-50kg 12500*1600*2200 
Field of Application
Microwave dryer is suitable for drying, sterilizing, deenzyme and puffing of various foods. E.g:
1. Drying and sterilization of meat: chicken, fish, beef, sausage, etc.
2. Drying and sterilization of various fruits: mango, banana, peach, apricot, etc.
3. Drying and sterilization of various vegetables: onion, cassava, cardamom, ginger, garlic, etc.
4. Puffing on various foods: potato chips, shrimp chips, dried fish, etc.
5. Heating, drying and sterilization of various condiments.
6. Microwave food dehydrator is suitable for thawing various quick-frozen foods.
7. Microwave dryer is suitable for fast heating of fast food.

Field of Application of microwave dryer
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