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one step turn-key project
Pre-sales negotiation
1. Good communication is the beginning of cooperation, and please call the 24-hour human services phone that is ready to answer questions.
2. The customer can conduct business consulting through the sales channels such as website, ali shop, telephone and other sales channels. The company will arrange full-time personnel to solve the client's problems throughout the whole process, so as to make sure that the customers can fully understand the product characteristics, technical parameters and application advantages of our factory thoroughly before purchase.
3. For the customer to visit the factory, arrange for the technical staff to present, look at the prototype, look at the production process, look at the operating procedure, look at the production site, Understand the company's products in all directions.
Plan formulation
1. Before designing, through the technical communication, understand the current processing methods of materials and the technological process.
2. Material experiment according to the material sample and basic information provided by the customer, do the material drying test in the laboratory, to find the best drying technology and drawing drying curve.
3. In accordance with the requirements of material drying technology, combined with the production needs of customers and site planning, make technical proposal.
4. Customers according to what we are doing equipment scheme and experimental processing of samples, the program be revised, finally reach an agreement.
Technical guidance
1.Baixin machinery has the most professional technical construction team, providing technical support to customers throughout the whole process, from the previous equipment consultation - plan development - equipment installation - equipment operation to the later stage of technical training - maintenance - equipment renovation and other all-round stereoscopic technical services.
2. Providing the professional technical engineers and service engineers to guide installation and commissioning for customers at the scene. When customers need technical or service support, we provide spare parts and free technical support at the best price to ensure the normal construction of the equipment.
After-sales service
1. Set up customer files to master the location, operation status, return visit time and contact information of the equipment sold; Assign special after-sales service staff to the site to guide the installation and commissioning of customers.and conduct operation guidance and training to the customer operators.
2. Statistical analysis of product quality and services, improving quality services; The daily information and processing of the hot line shall be kept in detail.
3. The buyer in use process found problems cannot be solved, can timely call service hot line , our after-sales personnel will communicate with the buyer by telephone, understand the relevant fault information, and guide the user in real time the necessary solutions.