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Manual Batch Fryer Machine

 Applicable  This manual batch fryer machine is suitable for various kinds of fried food like meat pie, chicken nuggets, potato chips, banana chips, spring rolls,peanuts
and many other snacks.
Suitable for food processing factory/school/restaurant
/big factory/Supermarket etc.
 Core advantages  Suitable for different foods/Frying time and temperature adjustable/ Can be customized/ Gas/LPG/diesel/electricity heating

Product description of manual batch fryer machine

The main parts of this small scale manual batch fryer machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel. The heating mode is high-temperature heating tube or burner. Equipped with automatic feeding system, mixing system, emission system and combustion system. Suitable for many kinds of products, like meat pie, chicken nuggets, potato chips, spring rolls, peanuts, chin chin and other snacks.
Name Batch Fryer Machine
Heating method Electric or Gas
Material SUS304
Frying frame area 500/1000/1500/2000*500mm 
Oil capacity 50L/100L/150L/200L/300L/400L/500L/800L
Capacity 5-30kg/batch
Discharging material Automatic or Manual 
Feeding material Automatic or Manual
Note 1.The basket is stainless steel holes;
2.The working temperature and frying time are adjustable;
3.With automatic and manual working type;
4.Oil water separation frying system.
Components of manual batch fryer machine

Features of manual batch fryer machine
1 Gas or electricity as heating source
2 Oil-water separation and filtration system or pure oil filtration system
3 Automatic discharging and optional automatic feeding through motor-driven manner to reduce labor intensity
4 Automatic temperature control: 0-300°C to be set at your will
5 optional timer and alarm to remind you when the frying is finished
6 optional slag scrapping device if the fried products produce much slag and residue

Technical parameter
Heating Source Model Weight(kg) Oil Capacity Machine Dimension(mm) Power Capacity(kg/batch)
Electric BX500 70 50L 700*700*950 12KW 5
BX1000 100 100L 1200*700*950 24KW 10
BX1500 150 150L 1700*800*950 36KW 15
BX2000 240 200L 2200*800*950 48KW 20
LNG Gas BX500 500 120L 1000*800*1100 100000kcals 10
BX1000 600 200L 1500*1000*1100 100000kcals 20
BX1500 700 300L 2100*1000*1100 100000kcals 25
BX2000 800 400L 2600*1000*1100 100000kcals 30
Field of Application
This manual batch fryer machine is suitable for various kinds of fried food like meat pie, chicken nuggets, potato chips, banana chips, spring rolls, peanuts and many other snacks. It is widely used in food industry. This manual batch fryer machine always works together with other machines like deoiling machine to combine one frying production line.

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