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Full Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Capacity Output capacity available from 30kg/h, 50kg/h, to 
100kg/h, 300kg/h, to 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h
 Components Potato washing and peeling machine/
Potato slicing machine/Bubble washing machine/
Blanching machine/Continuous frying machine/
Vibration deoiling machine/Seasoning machine/
Automatic weighing packing machine
 Core advantages  Processing flow can be customized/
The thickness of potato chips are adjustable/
All equipment are made of food grade SUS304 
stainless steel.

Introduction of potato chips production line

Baixin has 15 years of experience in customized solutions for potato processing lines. Since its establishment, Baixin has been committed to providing the best potato processing solutions to users around the world. We provide one-stop turn-key project and make different solutions for different demands.
1. We are a professional manufacture to produce french fries making machines, potato chips making machines.
2.Process capacity including input capacity and output capacity and Process flow can be customized according to your need.
3.About plant scale, we can do full automatic line (finished capacity 100kg/h to 2000kg/h), it can improve production efficiency and save manpower, it is very suitable for the factory and business with a certain scale and starting business.
4.Small scale semi-automatic production line(finished capacity 30kg/h to 300kg/h) and its scale is not so big like full automatic line and ask less manpower, its cost is lower than full automatic line, its production method is very flexible, and suitable for a small-scale business or a company that has just begun to enter the industry.
5.All equipment in the production line is made of 304 stainless steel.
6.Heating method: Electric heating, Gas heating or Electricity heating and gas heating both in one.
7.The size of French fries and the thickness of potato chips are adjusted.
8. We can design floor plan of complete line you need depending on your area' s size.
Components of potato chips production line
No. Machine Name Function Advantage
1 Elevating For elevating and conveying potatoes into 
the next washing peeling machine
1.The size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
2 Potato Washing and 
Peeling Machine
Thoroughly washing and peeling the potatoes 1.  Washing and peeling capacity can be customized.
2. The length of brush can be customized. 
3.We use high quality brusher,even old potatoes 
that are hard to peel can be peeled well.
4.Spraying system to clean the potatoes.
5.Spiral design to make sure automatic discharging.
6. The discharge speed can be adjusted.
7. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
3 Picking Line For manually disposing the uncleaned places 
and selecting the defective potatoes
1.Picking table size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
4 Elevating For moving the cleaned and peeled potatoes 
to the slicer
1.The size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
5 Potato Slicing Machine Cutting the potatoes into slices,  
sizes adjustable from 1-5mm
1.Potato chips thickness 1-5mm can be adjustable.
2.Cutting surface is smooth without damage.
6 Bubble Washing Machine Through high pressure waterflow and 
water bubbles to impact and scrub the 
potato slices to wash off the starch
1.Remove the starch from the potato chips.
2.Strong water flow, bubble impact.
3.High pressure spraying system.
4.Filter system and water recycling system.
7 Blanching Machine Through 60-95 degree hot water blanching to 
inhibit the activity of the enzyme and maintains 
the original vivid color of the potato slices
1.You can use gas, electricity or diesel as power for 
this machine depending on your needs. 
2.It can effectively protect original vivid color of the potato chip.
3.You can add additives during blanching process.
8 Vibration Dewatering Machine Through vibration to remove the surface water and 
also to transport the potato slices uniformly to 
the next machine
The de-water time is adjustable.
9 Air Drying Machine Through high pressure wind blowing for pre-cooling 
and removing the excess water in short time, 
effectively prevent the fried oil jumped phenomenon
1.The multi-layer mesh belt conveyor belt and
 special fan outlet completely remove 
the moisture on the surface of the potato slices.
2.Fan can be adjusted up and down.
10 Elevating Conveyor For elevating and conveying the potato slices 
into next fryer machine
1.The size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
11 Continuous Frying Machine For quick frying the potato slices 
around few minutes in 180°oil 
1.Automatic lifting system, easy to clean.
2.Double mesh belt transmission to avoid the chips floating.
3.Oil filter and recycling system to automatically and 
continuously filter the oil residue to extend the service life.
4.Electric or gas heating.
12 Vibration Deoiling Machine Through high frequency vibrating to 
achieve deoiling purpose, and also to 
convey the potato slices uniformly to next machine
The de-oil time is adjustable.
13 Pre-cooling Machine Through high pressure wind blowing for pre-cooling and deoiling the potato slices 1.The multi-layer mesh belt conveyor belt 
and special fan outlet completely remove 
the oil on the surface of the potato slices.
2.Fan can be adjusted up and down.
14 Elevating Conveyor For moving potato chips to seasoning machine 1.The size can be customized
2.Conveying speed adjustable.
15 Seasoning Machine Spread the seasoning evenly over each potato chip 1.With spice tank, the flow of spice adjustable.
2.You can add additives any you want even liquid 
such as oil, water etc. 
3. Seasoning time can be controlled.
16 Automatic Weighing 
Packing Machine
For packing the finished potato chips It can fill Nitrogen automatically, automatic weighing, 
automatic sealing and automatic packing.
Potato chips processing line flow chart

This set of production line is a new type of potato chips production line developed and developed by our company. This production line is made of high quality 304 Stainless Steel. PLC electrical control,  safe and efficient.The production line adopts advanced technology, the output is high, and the ex-factory price is directly sold. This is the best choice for businesses and the most ideal device.

Advantage of potato chips production line

Technical parameter
Potato Chips Production Line
No. Machine Name Powder Size Price(Dollar)
1 Elevating 0.55kw 2400*700*1600mm 1850
2 Potato Washing and Peeling Machine 4.37kw 3400*900*1400mm 6900
3 Picking Line 0.75kw 3500*700*900mm 2150
4 Elevating 0.55kw 2400*700*1600mm 1850
5 Potato Slicing Machine 1.5KW 1100x800x1500mm 5800
6 Bubble Washing Machine 6.6kw 3500x1200x1300mm 5380
7 Blanching Machine 120KW 4500x1200x1300mm 7000
8 Vibration Dewatering Machine 0.5kw 1800*1000*1300mm 2770
9 Air Drying Machine 7.1kw 3500x1000x1600mm 4600
10 Elevating Conveyor 0.55kw 2000x800x1300mm  1380
11 Continuous Frying Machine 120kw 4000x1100x2200mm  10500
12 Vibration Deoiling Machine 0.5kw 1800*1000*1300mm 2770
13 Pre-cooling Machine 7.1kw 4000x1000x1500mm 4600
14 Elevating Conveyor 0.55kw 2000x800x1300mm  1380
15 Seasoning Machine 1.5kw 3000*1000*1600mm 5800
16 Weighing Packaging Machine 6kw 3500*2700*3600 21500
Support customization according to customer requirements. 86230
Field of Application
Potato chips, french fries, banana chips and othere fruits, vegetables and meat products.

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