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Automatic continuous ginger powder processing line

 Components Ginger cleaning and peeling machine / Ginger slicer / Ginger dryer / Ginger grinder / Ginger powder packaging machine etc. 
 Core advantages  Automatic/ Continuous/ Large-Capacity /Support Customization

Introduction of ginger powder production line

The ginger powder processing line uses ginger as raw material, and processes ginger into ginger powder through processing techniques such as cleaning, peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding. Meet the culinary needs of different households, restaurants and food processing plants.
Processing ginger into ginger powder can increase the added value of ginger in the ginger planting industry, and reduce the ginger loss and storage and transportation costs caused by ginger price fluctuations. This is the best choice for the ginger powder business!

Components of ginger powder production line
Ginger powder processing line flow chart

Ginger cleaning machine: It is used to clean the dirt, dust and other impurities attached to the surface of ginger root. The ginger is rolled, washed and transported under the action of high pressure water flow and powerful air bubbles, and then sent to the next process.

Ginger peeler: for cleaning and removing the epidermis. The specially designed screw feeding structure is adopted to realize fully automatic work.

Ginger slicer: The thickness of ginger slices is uniform, and the slice thickness can be adjusted as needed.

Ginger air dryer: effectively remove the moisture on the surface of ginger slices after cleaning, greatly shorten the drying cycle, suitable for assembly line operation.

Ginger slice dryer: adopts multi-layer moving stainless steel mesh belt, automatic loading and unloading, saving a lot of labor costs. Flexible heat source selection: Coal, wood chips, natural gas, diesel, propane, electricity etc.

Ginger powder making machine: Grind dried ginger slices to a fineness of 10-120 mesh. The ginger grinder is air-cooled or water-cooled and can work continuously for a long time.

Ginger powder packaging machine: Generally speaking, ginger powder business requires automatic ginger powder packaging equipment. The ginger powder packaging machine has a PLC control system, which is intelligent and controllable, and can be quickly adjusted according to customer packaging requirements. Packaging weight and quantity are automatically adjusted.
Technical parameter
500-800kg/h automatic ginger powder processing line
Number Name Power Size Output
1 Cleaning hoist 0.37KW 3200*1050*2500mm 500-1000kg/h
2 Bubble cleaning machine 3.37KW 3000*1020*1350mm 1000kg/h
3 Hoist 0.55KW 1500*800*1600mm 500-1000kg/h
4 Cleaning and peeling machine 2.75KW 3050*700*1600mm 1000kg/h
5 Picking table 0.37KW 3000*740*1100mm 500-1000kg/h
6 Slicer 1.1KW  690*560*880mm 500kg/h
7 Hoist 0.55KW 1500*800*1600mm 500-1000kg/h
8 Dryer 20.12KW 9000*2000*2500mm 500-800kg/h
9 Grinder 15KW 1200*1000*2000mm 500-700kg/h
10 Packing Machine 3.5KW 3000*1500*2600mm 30-60 packs/min
The ginger powder processing line can be equipped according to the user's requirement and the production demands.
Field of application
Most of the machines in the line are not only suitable for ginger, but also for other fruits and vegetables.

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