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Root cleaning and peeling machine

 Applicable   It is suitable for washing various fruit and vegetables 
 like cabbage/spinach/celery/tomato/strawberry/apple/peach/
 lettuce/pepper/chive/mushroom/jujube/date/plum/cherry/broccoli etc. 
 Suitable for kitchens of school/restaurant/big factory/
 food processing factory/Supermarket etc.
 Core advantages   It has washing/peeling/slicing/frying/packing machines and 
 can continuous operation to meet large-scale processing

Working principle of Root cleaning and peeling machine
The brush roller fruit and vegetable washing peeling machine is designed and manufactured according to the urgent needs of the food processing industry of fruits and vegetables. The brush washing peeling machine is suitable for the cleaning and peeling of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, lotus root and other hard vegetables. Its beautiful appearance, simple structure, practical, easy to use, easy to disassemble and replace parts. After the vegetables or fruits are put into the machine, the brush sweeps and scrubs the raw material and turns it over. Then, it enters the spray water section to wash away the dirt that has been brushed from the raw materials until it is washed.
Components of Root cleaning and peeling machine
Technical parameter
     Moedel       Power        Capacity               Dimension Machine weight
    Baixin-800        1.1kw        800kg/h          1600*730*840mm          220kg
    Baixin-1200        1.5kw        1500kg/h          2120*840*900mm          300kg
    Baixin-1500        2.2kw        1800kg/h          2400*840*900mm          380kg
    Baixin-1800         3kw        2000kg/h          2550*840*900mm          400kg
    Baixin-2000         3kw        2500kg/h          2900*840*900mm          460kg
    Baixin-3000         4kw        3000kg/h         2950*990*1005mm          560kg
    Baixin-4000        4.5kw        4000kg/h         2950*1080*1046mm          600kg
    Baixin-5000        5.5kw        5000kg/h         3050*1193*1136mm          700kg
Field of Application
The peeler is specially designed to wash, hair remove, soil remove, skin remove of potato, sweet potato, radish carrot, ginger, taro, peanut, mustard and other rhizome fruit  and vegetables. It can do washing and peeling at the same time and stainless steel made and has automatic spraying device, clean and healthy and meet the sanitary standard. Complete washing peeling make it  be the necessary equipment for food and vegetable processing factory.

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