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Garlic peeling machine

 Applicable  The machine has an adaptive function. 
 It is also compatible with apple/pear/orange/kiwi/lemon/
 turnips/sweet potato/potato/small taro and 
 other kinds of fruits and vegetables, so that the machine can 
 have fruits and vegetables processing in four seasons.
 Core advantages   Peeling machine is suitable for fruits and melons
 high speed/simple operation/good effect.
Working principle of peeling machine
The automatic garlic peeling machine is designed to peel dry garlic which adopts pneumatic principle. It can automatically peel the shell of the garlic clove without soaking and meanwhile there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate can reach 95%.
1.This dry garlic peeling machine is used for peeling the dry garlic,especially for small dry garlic.It havs high efficiency, high peeling rate.low breakage, easy operation, automatical and natural peeling.
2.Garlic peeling machine adops air compressor to generate the flow to peel the skin of garlic. This machine includes two parts, one part is drying basket, it has function of cyclic drying, even in the humid condition, the garlic can be always dry. The other part use the air compressor  to make flow as power to peel the skin of garlic.
Components of peeling machine
Technical parameter
               model                   BX-6
             capacity               1~1.5ton
          peel thickness              1.5~10mm
        diameter of fruit              80-250mm
         height of fruit             160-350mm
               power                 0.8kw
             woltage         380v/220n-50hz
             weight                170kg
          dimension          1500*750*1900
Field of Application
This machine is suitable for dry garlic peeling processing, no need for water.
This machine is widely used in restaurant, hotel, vegetable processing plant, condiment factories, large wholesale vegetable market, etc.

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