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Pitting machine

 Applicable  Pitting machine can be used many fruit 
 such cherry/date/palm/peach/jujube/olives/apple etc. 
 Core advantages   Pitting machine is fully automatic 
 made stainless steel all parts are assembled by bolts.
Working principle of pitting machine
The storage hopper and the conveyor belt are directly combined, and the template is selected according to the diameter of the fruit, and the fruit is poured into the storage hopper, and only four people are placed in the template hole to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying, and after the hole is positioned, The fruit continues to be transported and propelled, and the fruit is rushed by the process of the machine tool during the process of conveying and pushing, and the nuclear nucleus is automatically flowed out and collected in the core, and the fruit that has passed through the core continues to be transported to the next step to automatically drop the fruit. The shape of the discharged fruit is completely unchanged, and the fruit is dropped into the crucible and automatically collected and collected to achieve the separation of the fruit and the core.
Components of pitting machine
Technical parameter
         Model                     BX-X                       BX-D
       Capacity                  288pcs/min                     200kg/h
         Power                      1.5kw                       1.5kw
        Voltage                    Custom                      Custom
           Size          2200*800*1200mm              2200*1800*1200mm
Field of Application
Cherry,date palm, beach dates,apricot ,bayberry, peach haw, jujube, olives, plums, apple etc.

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