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Heat Pump Food Drying Machine

 Applicable  Vegetable/Fruit/Meat/Seafood/Agricultural /Noodle/Wooden    Drying 
 Output  100-3000kg/h
 Temperature  ≤80℃
 Drying time  Depends on different drying materials
 Heat pump model   1P/2P/3P/6P/8P/10P/15P/20P/30P/40P/60P
 Core advantages  Energy saving and environmental protection/
 Simple installation and operation/Wide application field
Industrial Food Drying Machine Introduction
The industrial food dryer can quickly remove moisture from materials without affecting the original color, shape and nutrients of the food. The industrial hot air circulation drying furnace is equipped with a computer control system, which can realize automatic constant temperature control.
Different from the small hot air dryer, the large hot air dryer has more carts and trays to hold materials, which is suitable for large-scale material drying production. The drying temperature range of this heat pump dryer is 20-80℃, and the materials suitable for drying are very wide, such as grains, edible fungi, medicines, seafood, bacon, fruits and vegetables, tobacco leaves, seeds, spices, etc 
Spotlights of Large Hot Air Circulation Food Drying Oven
Reliable and safe operation due to forced ventilation effect, in which there is an adjustable wind board.
Air inlet is equipped with highly efficient air filter and the exhaust event is equipped with medium efficient air filter.
Drying tray made of stainless steel, easy moving, durable and convenient to clean.
Low noise, reliable and safe operation, temperature-controlled, easy installation and maintenance.
Baking timer per batch: 4-6 hours per batch according to different materials.
Wide application: a variety of materials can be dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushroom and etc..

Characteristics of Hot Air Food Drying Machine
1. During the drying process, the material will not be deformed, discolored, or degraded, and dried thoroughly, with less nutrient loss and a long storage period. It can effectively protect the color, taste and active ingredients of the dried material more than any conventional drying equipment.
2. Energy saving: heat pump technology is adopted to absorb air heat while recovering waste heat, and airtight dehumidification + circulating drying method is adopted to save operating costs.
3. Easy to install and operate, just connect to the drying chamber through the air duct.
4. Uniform drying: The forced ventilation function is adopted. The drying room is equipped with partitions and fan motors to ensure the circulation of hot air and make the raw materials uniformly dry.
5. Efficient and environmentally friendly, it absorbs heat from the air to dry materials without any pollution discharge. Compared with traditional drying technology, it saves about 70% of operating costs.

Choose Suitable Tray of Hot Air Circulation Oven:
  The oven plate, also known as the oven tray, is an important part of the dryer. We have a variety of types of plates, according to different materials, choose a suitable drying method, in order to achieve efficient drying and dewatering effect. Roughly divided into three categories:
1. Punching plate: suitable for granular materials
2. Manual multi-sided board: good air permeability, suitable for strip, sheet materials and loose materials
3. Non-porous plate: moderate air permeability, suitable for powder and liquid materials
Technical parameter
type machine size(MM) Capacity (KG) heat pump power Qty of fan fan power(kw) total power(kw) Qty of cart Qty of tray cart size(MM) tray size(MM)
3P A 3500×2200×2200 200-400kg 2.25 6 0.25/unit 3.75 6 78 670×810 600×800
8P A 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
8P B 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
8P C 5300×2200×2800 450-750kg 6 12 0.37/unit 10.44 6 156 1210×870 600×800
15P 7500×3000×2800 900-1500kg 11.25 12 0.55/unit 17.85 12 312 1210×870 600×800
1P D 1180×680×1800 50kg-80kg 1 1 15 600×800
3P D 2100×930×2100 120-300kg 3.5 3.5 40/60 600×800
8P D 4000×1960×2050 650-1000kg 8 8 8 232 600×800 600×800
Field of Application
The heat pump can be used in many application,like agriculture,industry,seafood,grain,herbs,construction,paper products,seasoning,mineral industry,etc
Dry vegetables like Radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava,etc
Dry fruits like  Apple, lemon, mango slices, dried longan, dried longan,etc
Dry meat:  Sausage, beef, duck, ham,etc
Others it can dry noodle/ wooden /stick incense/herbs /floers ect.
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Application of Seafood Heat Pump Dryer
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