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Cassava Processing Machine/Cassava Chips Processing Machine

 Components Cassava Cleaning and Peeling Machine/Cassava Slicer/Cassava Dryer/Cassava Grinder/Cassava Powder Packing Machine
 Core advantages  Automatic/ Continuous/ Large-Capacity /Support Customization

Introduction of cassava processing machine

The cassava processing line has continuous automatic production, fast processing speed, high output and good quality. Including cassava washing and peeling machine, cassava slicer, cassava dryer, cassava flour mill, cassava packaging machine and other equipment, which can be used for deep processing of cassava dehydrated chips, cassava flour, etc. The production line adopts advanced technology, and the output of cassava is high. Price direct. This is the best choice for cassava processing enterprises, and it is also the most ideal equipment for cassava processing at present.
Components of cassava processing machine
Cassava processing line flow chart
The working process of the cassava processing line: cassava cleaning and peeling-slicing-drying-grinding-packaging.

A complete large-scale cassava processing plant mainly includes: cassava washing and peeling machine, cassava slicer, cassava chip dryer, cassava grinding machine, packaging machine, etc., each equipment interacts. Connected by a hoist.
Cassava cleaning and peeling machine: The cassava is placed in the machine, and the brush sweeps and turns the ingredients for cleaning and removing the skin. Then, it enters the spray water section to wash away the dirt that has been brushed on the raw materials until it is washed. The specially designed screw feeding structure is used to realize fully automatic operation.
Cassava slicing machine: Cut the cassava into even slices. The thickness of cassava slices is uniform, and the slice thickness can be adjusted as needed. which has a good effect on the later drying process. This uniform cassava slice can keep the time and effect of the drying process under the same conditions, so the overall drying effect will also be very high, which meets the processing standards of large-scale enterprises in the drying of cassava slices.
Multi-layer belt cassava dryer: The dryer is the key equipment, which determines the effect and quality of cassava after processing. Using our mesh belt type cassava dryer, with an intelligent control system, can make cassava drying is always maintained in a reasonable drying environment to ensure the effect of the finished product. The use of this cassava dryer has the advantages of large processing output, high degree of automation, controllable drying effect and quality, and adjustable drying time. Flexible heat source selection: Coal, wood chips, natural gas, diesel, propane, electricity, etc.
Cassava powder making machine: Grind dried cassava slices to a fineness of 10-120 mesh. The cassava grinder is air-cooled or water-cooled and can work continuously for a long time.
Cassava powder packaging machine: Generally speaking, cassava powder business requires automatic cassava powder packaging equipment. The cassava powder packaging machine has a PLC control system, which is intelligent and controllable, and can be quickly adjusted according to customer packaging requirements. Packaging weight and quantity are automatically adjusted.

Cassava Processing Line Advantages

1: Can be customized.
Configure different production lines according to customer output requirements.
The cassava production line is fully automatic and semi-automatic, and customers can choose according to their own needs.
2: Easy to operate.
The cassava production line is easy to install and can be used after connecting to the power supply. It is reliable to use and easy to disassemble.
3: Cassava is of high quality.
The dryer adopts medium and low temperature drying. After drying, the original color and nutrients of cassava can be completely retained. The equipment is made of stainless steel, in line with food machinery standards.
4:Flexible heat source selection of dryer: Coal, wood chips, natural gas, diesel, propane, electricity etc.
5: Wide range of applications:
Most of the machines in the line are not only suitable for cassava, but also for other fruits and vegetables.

Technical parameter
1000kg/h automatic cassava processing line
Number Name Power Size Output
1 Cassava Cleaning and Peeling Machine 3.75KW 3200*1100*1350mm 1000kg/h
2 Cassava Slicer 1.5KW 900*850*900mm 1000kg/h
3 Cassava Dryer 33.12KW 12000*2000*2500mm 1000kg/h
4 Cassava Grinder 15KW 1200*1000*2000mm 300kg/h
5 Cassava Powder Packing Machine 3.5KW 3000*1500*2600mm 30-60 packs/min
The cassava processing line can be equipped according to the user's requirement and the production demands.
200-300kg/h small output cassava processing line
Number Name Power Size Output
1 Cassava Cleaning and Peeling Machine 0.75KW 2120*840*900mm 500kg/h
2 Cassava Slicer 1.5KW 900*850*900mm 500kg/h
3 Cassava Dryer 3KW 2100*930*2100mm 200-300kg/h
4 Cassava Grinder 5.5KW 750*600*1260mm 150kg/h
5 Cassava Powder Packing Machine 1.6KW 700*750*1650mm 30-60 packs/min
The cassava processing line can be equipped according to the user's requirement and the production demands.
Field of application
Most of the machines in the line are not only suitable for cassava, but also for other fruits and vegetables.

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