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8 Sets Flowers Dryer Tested Well In Client's Site

Apr 01, 2021
This time, we have equipped 8sets flowers dryer of model BX-15m*2.2*4layers.
Drying material: flowers
Output: 120 tons/day
Drying machine: continuous multi-layer mesh belt drying machine
Drying time: 1-2 hours
Features: fast drying speed, short drying time, large output, no loss of material shape, color, and composition.

  Mesh belt type flower dryer adopts intelligent temperature control system and staged drying control method, which can accurately control the temperature, humidity and time of each stage of flower drying, and automatically control the temperature, time and drying speed during the flower drying process to meet different customers Demand!

Hemp Drying Machine Delivery To France

Hemp Drying Machine Delivery To France

Our French customers have been in the hemp business for many years and have their own plantations. We learned through the Internet that we are engaged in the manufacture of drying equipment and consulted with us on hemp drying.
The customer requires that the drying output of hemp is 300kg/h, the heat source uses an air energy heat pump, the heat can be recovered, the installation should be simple, and one container is finished.
leaf dryer

Henan Baixin Export 6 Sets Leaf Dryer To American!

In recent days, we have continuously exported 6 dryers to the United States!
Customer drying material: leaf material
Drying temperature: strict drying temperature and humidity requirements. The drying temperature needs to be kept at about 30-50℃, and the temperature is moderate, which can well retain the effective ingredients, which is conducive to the later material extraction and reprocessing...
pistachios dryer

Good News We Build Long Term Cooperaiton With Spain Clients Developing Pistachios Dryer

Spanish customers ordered 2 pistachio dryer equipment from Henan Baixin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., and we have established a long-term cooperative relationship. At present, the customer has already put into production. Our equipment has brought great profits to the customer. They have become Our company's agent in Spain.
Baixin obtain the CCTV integrity enterprisse Certification

Baixin Obtain The CCTV Integrity Enterprisse Certification

Henan Baixin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech national import enterprise integrating technology development, manufacturing, and operation services. Its products are exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the world, and its comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront of China's drying industry.
If you're interested in our products or have any questions, please kindly describe your requirement in detail. Our professional team will reply to you as soon as possible.