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Henan Baixin Export 6 Sets Leaf Dryer To American!

Apr 01, 2021
In recent days, we have continuously exported 6 dryers to the United States!
Customer drying material: leaf material
Drying temperature: strict drying temperature and humidity requirements. The drying temperature needs to be kept at about 30-50℃, and the temperature is moderate, which can well retain the effective ingredients, which is conducive to the later material extraction and reprocessing.
Baixin dryer has a mature drying process, and tested the machine on the spot to the customer. The result of the test machine was very satisfied with the customer, which met the requirements of low-temperature batch drying.
Baixin dryers are highly efficient and intelligent. The operation mode and temperature are intelligent and controllable, which has won the favor of customers.
The final customer chooses our factory and confirms the long-term cooperation agreement to become our company's agent. Thank you American customers for their trust!


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