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Copra Drier

Sep 16, 2022

Copra Drier

Copra is rich in nutrients and has a wide range of uses. The copra oil extracted from it can be eaten, and can also be used to make cosmetics, soaps, etc. In addition, the residue left after extracting copra oil can be ground into powder for making ingredients for desserts , can also be used in animal feed. All in all, copra has very high economic benefits and has always been an important commercial product.

Under normal circumstances, copra manufacturers dry the coconut before shipping it out. Today I will share with you the professional copra drier by Baixin Machinery and the copra drier price.
At present, copra drier can be divided into three types according to the output: Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Drier with output of 300-2000kg/h; Heat Pump Copra Drying Room with output of 100-5000kg/batch; and All-in-one Copra Drier with output of 100-1500kg/batch. In addition to different output, these three driers are also different in terms of heat source and working principle. Each has its own advantages, the following is a detailed introduction.

1.Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Drier

The first is continuous mesh belt copra drier. It can achieve continuous production, and the output can reach 300-2000kg/h. The main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating, the heat source can be coal, wood chips, natural gas, diesel, propane, electricity, etc. 

Working Principle of Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Drier

Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the copra. so as to achieve the purpose of dryer. The operation temperature is 40-120 degree centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours.

Components of Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Drier

The components of this continuous mesh belt copra drier include: Homogenizer, Feeder Conveyor, Mesh belt copra dryer host, Heat source,Air Intake System, Control panel, Observation door, Output conveyor.

Advantages of Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Drier

Its advantage is that the speed of drying copra is relatively fast, and it can work continuously and uninterruptedly, so as to achieve large-scale production. Other than that, it's very flexible, it's easy or without installation, so you don't have to worry about installation.

2.Heat Pump Copra Dryer Room

This is heat pump copra dryer room. Its output is 100-5000kg/batch, and the heat source can be electricity, coal, wood chips, natural gas, diesel oil, and propane, etc.

Working Principle of Heat Pump Copra Dryer Room

It adopts the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. It absorbs low-temperature heat energy in the air, and becomes high-temperature heat energy after efficient heat collection and integration of the heat pump system, which is transported to the dryer room to circulate heating and dryer the copra, and the hot and humid air in the dryer room is directly discharged to the outside of the dryer room through the dehumidifier.

Components of Heat Pump Copra Dryer Room

The components of this heat pump copra dryer room include: Heat Pump, Trolley Tray, Fan Frame with Fan(Axial Compressor Fan), Dryer Room Parts.

Advantages of Heat Pump Copra Dryer Room

The advantage of this heat pump copra dryer room is that it can quickly remove the water in the copra without affecting the original color, shape and nutrient content of the copra. The copra heat pump dryer room is equipped with a computer control system, which can realize automatic temperature control. The drying temperature range of the heat pump dryer is 20-80°C. It has the advantages of strong drying capacity, better drying effect, simple operation, and 70% energy saving by adopting a heat pump system.

3.All-in-one Copra Drier

This all-in-one copra drier has a smaller output among the four copra driers. Its output is 100-1500kg/batch. The heat source is mainly electricity, and it can also be coal, wood chips, natural gas, etc.

Working Principle of All-in-one Copra Drier

Drying is take moisture away. But takes away the moisture temperature is not the most critical factor. The key for drying is depending on relative humidity within certain space, Baixin company took advantage of the dry essence, originality developed a“Closed Cycle" dryer, changed the traditional heat pump dryer "bake" to “dehumidifier”.

Components of All-in-one Copra Drier

The components of this all-in-one copra drier include:Power jack, Water outlet, Exhaust air outlet, Supporting wheels, Controller(PLC control panel), Door lock, Observation window, Circulating Air Inlet, Outlet for hot and dry air, PP tray, Stainless steel tray, Supporting racks for trays.

Advantages of All-in-one Copra Drier

The new dryer machine All-in-One copra drier has a compact structure, great energy-saving, wide application, high drying quality, easy operation, simple installation, and movable. It is the best dryer equipment for small firms, drying experiments, and scientific research. The uses only connect the power to use, is the easiest operation heat pump copra drier. Hot air only circulates inside and no energy is lost. The energy-saving is incomparable to traditional driers. Gentle drying at middle and low temperature, Aroma, appearance, and bioactivity are largely retained.

The above three types are the main copra drier produced by Baixin Machinery. If you have any questions about the copra drier, or have other questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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Under normal circumstances, copra manufacturers dry the coconut before shipping it out. Today I will share with you the professional copra dryer by Baixin Machinery and the copra dryer price. At present, copra dryer can be divided into three types according to the output: Continuous Mesh Belt Copra Dryer with output of 300-2000kg/h; Heat Pump Copra Drying Room with output of 100-5000kg/batch; and All-in-one Copra Dryer with output of 100-1500kg/batch.
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