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How To Dry Dehydrate Grapes/Make Raisins

Aug 21, 2021

The benefits of grape and raisin:

  As we all know, grapes have high nutritional value. Grapes contain many minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, protein, and vitamins, as well as a variety of amino acids needed by the human body. Grapes can also relieve hypoglycemia. When hypoglycemia occurs in the human body, drinking grape juice in time can quickly relieve it. Grape seeds can resist aging and remove free radicals in the body, making people stay young forever. At the same time, as a by-product of grapes, raisins also have various worth. Compared to grape, raisins are sweeter and taste more intense. Raisins contain very rich in iron and calcium, which are a benefit to children, pregnant women, and people who are frail anemia. It can treat anemia and thrombocytopenia. There is also a variety of glucose in raisins, which is good for the myocardium and helps the recovery of patients with new coronary disease. If we can consume 400 calories of raisins every day, it can effectively reduce blood cholesterol and inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood. Raisins have a kind of resveratrol, which can prevent cell malignancy.

How to make raisins/dry grapes at home:

  Grape and raisins are common in supermarkets, so how do we make raisins at home? First of all, we need to select fresh grapes with thin skin, soft flesh, and suitable maturity. Wash them with water. We can add some flour to the water to better clean them. Cut off the moldy and discolored unqualified fruit particles. Put the grapes on a plate and put them on the balcony where they can be exposed to the sun at most. About ten days or so, if the upper part is already dry, we can turn the grapes over and continue to dry for ten days, and then pile bunches of grapes together and evenly dry for half a month.
  There is another method here, which is to use the air-drying method, which often appears in Xinjiang, China. Soak the grapes in saltwater and blanch them with boiling water to accelerate the loss of moisture inside the grapes. Let the grapes be allowed to dry naturally for a few days. Do not pursue sun exposure. In the morning and evening, you can use a hairdryer to dry raisins, and it will be completed after repeated 20 days. Dried raisins are extremely beautiful in appearance, crystal clear.

How to making raisins/dehydrate Grapes in large quantities with a dryer:

  If we have a large of grapes, how do we dry them in a short time? Yes! We need a dehydrator to make them.
  • Step one: wash the prepared grapes and pick out the bad ones. 
  • Step two: add water to the pot and boil, put the grapes in, and boil for 30 seconds, then remove the grapes on a plate. This step is to dry out the grapes faster. 
  • Step three: put these grapes into the bowl which has to add two teaspoons of citric acid and stir them for 10 minutes to improve our raisins’ quality. 
  • Step four: drain the grapes and place them on the tray of the dehydrator layer by layer. 
  • Step five: set the dryer to 120 degrees Celsius and turn on the dryer. 
  • Step six: check if the grapes are completely dry after 24 hours of dehydration. 
  • Step seven: take the finished raisins out of the dryer and let them air dry for 2 hours, then the delicious raisins are finished. And we can store them in a sealed instrument to extend the shelf life. 
  Here are some advantages of dryer-made raisins over our handmade ones: Firstly, the machine is made cleaner. During exposure and air drying, dust may accumulate on the surface of the grapes. Secondly, the machine can increase the amount of production, and the speed of the production is quicker, the success rate is higher than manual making.

  If you want to produce raisins in large quantities, Baixin Machinery’s drying equipment is a good choice. Baixin Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of dryers. It has 20 years of rich experience. For grapes drying, it has professional drying equipment and mature drying technology to ensure the perfect drying effect.

  Baixin Machinery’s most popular grape dryers are heat pump dryers and continuous mesh belt dryers.I would be happy to introduce these two dryers in detail for you:

1:The first method:grape heat pump dryer

Household Commercial All-in-one drying equipment without installation for any material
  Drying essence is take moisture away, but takes away the moisture temperature is not the most critical factor. The key for drying is depending on relative humidity within certain space, Baixin Company took advantage of the dry essence, originality developed a "Closed Cycle" dryer, changed the traditional heat pump dryer "bake" to "dehumidifier”. Its several advantages were unmatched by the traditional heat pump dryer.
  Baixin Food Dehydrator has a compact structure, great energy-saving, wide application, high drying quality, easy operation, simple installation and removable. it is the best drying equipment for small firms, drying experiment and scientific research. The users only connect the power to use, is the easiest operation heat pump dryer.

2:The second method: grape continuous mesh belt drying machine

Large amount of dehydration 200-5000kg/h grapes drying machine continuous automatic work easy operation
  Grapes dryer machine is a kind of continuous production drying equipment, the main heating way has electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating. Its main working principle is to spread the material evenly in the network. The material is moved in the dryer by the operation of the machine, and the hot air draws out the water vapor of the material. so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
  The operation temperature is 40-120 degree centigrade. And the dry cycle is 1-5 hours.

Grapes drying video

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