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What is the Price of the Dehydrator Dryer/How to Choose the Appropriate Dehydrator Dryer

Aug 14, 2021

The main factors affecting the price of the dryer / how to choose the type of dryer:

  In recent years, dryer equipment can be described as very popular. Whether it is mining industry, agriculture, or daily life, it is an indispensable equipment. The price is soaring. As a user who wants to buy these equipment, we must understand the approximate price of the dryer equipment, which will be of great help to our purchase.
Nowadays, the dryer market has become increasingly fierce with the rapid development in the world, and there are more and more dryer manufacturers. Faced with such a drying equipment industry, dryer users have many choices when choosing dryer equipment. The price will affect the users’ choice greatly. Today, Henan Baixin will help the buyers to understand the impact factor of  price of dryer equipment in the following: 

1. Manufacturing material of Drying equipment 

  The price of dryer equipment firstly depends on the price of various Manufacturing materials. The material of the drying equipment is an important element of the cost of the drying device, and the reasonable selection of materials is an important means of controlling the price of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the selection of drying equipment materials should be considered from the following aspects:
  To meet the needs of the processed materials, the main task of the drying equipment is to dry the given materials. Because the drying equipment handles a wide variety of materials, covering many fields such as grain, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, forest products, paper, and metallurgy, the products are even harder to count. The requirements for the materials to be dried are very different, such as chemical reagents, medicines, electronic materials, electrical ceramic materials, etc. must not be mixed with iron ions during the drying process, so carbon steel materials should be avoided in the selection of equipment materials. In addition, if the wet molecules in the material contain acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, etc., they will be corrosive to different metal materials. Especially in the heating process, the corrosion of the material will be aggravated, so the appropriate material should be selected according to the characteristics of the moisture contained in the material.

2. Different drying process

  Drying equipment can be divided into three types, drum, drying room, mesh belt type, etc. from the structure. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into the batch type and continuous type. Ovens and drums are all intermittent drying equipment. The materials to be dried are manually put into trays and sent into the room, dried and then taken out, suitable for small batch production; continuous type is also called mesh belt dryer, The material is automatically loaded by the feeding device, and the drying material is driven by the mesh belt. The heating is even, the drying speed is fast, and the material is discharged by the discharging device automatically. Complete automation, saving labor and effort. Manufacturers with good production technology need many steps in the production process, and the price of the dryer is slightly higher;

3. Quality of Dryer

  Manufacturers with guaranteed quality have a higher price than those without guarantees; the quality of drying is the core issue in the selection of drying equipment, including the color, deformation, taste, etc. of the dried product. When choosing equipment, you need a detailed understanding of this equipment, heat pump dryer machine, and continuous mesh belt dryer machine have unique advantages in drying equipment because of its uniform heating and fast drying speed, so the price will be higher than others. 

4. Different raw materials, the different choice of dryer 

  Different dryer types and models have different prices. When selecting drying equipment, a detailed analysis of the different drying requirements of different products is required, including moisture requirements (for example, drying from 30% moisture content to 5% moisture content), the capacity of drying, the drying temperature, and drying speed will be analyzed. For example, the drying of condiments requires a lot of moisture, and the drying speed is fast. During the drying process, it needs to be sterilized, and the drying temperature should not be too high. So the price for the dryer machine for condiments will be higher.

5. Selection of heat source

  Since different drying equipment uses different heat sources, some use natural gas, some use coal charcoal, some use fuel oil, and some use electric energy. As the cost of these heat sources differs greatly, the operating costs used are also quite different. In terms of the heat source application, it is generally the most economical to use coal as the heat source. However, due to the increasing environmental protection requirements nowadays, burning coal charcoal in cities will become a thing of the past.

6. Accessory equipment for dryer 

  To complete the drying operation, the dryer needs to be equipped with some auxiliary equipment. For example, the continuous vegetable and fruit dryer require a series of operations such as washing, peeling, slicing, and air-drying in the early stage. This equipment also provides a very important role in drying. It is also part of the price of the drying equipment.
  According to the above suggestions, there are some factors for deciding the price of the dryer. When selecting the right machine with a suitable price can avoid the waste of resources while ensuring the drying effect, and achieve a better drying effect.

  Baixin Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of dryers. It has 20 years of rich experience. For food fruit and vegetable drying, it has professional drying equipment and mature drying technology to ensure the perfect drying effect.

The pre-sale service of Henan Baixin Company 

  Henan Baixin Company as a professional manufacture of continuous mesh belt machines, heat pump machine, and microwave drying machine are committed to caring for the needs of every customer. According to customer conditions, develop targeted industry solutions. If you have any questions or need our help, please contact our customer service team. We strive to achieve:
-Assist the buyer in engineering planning and demand analysis, and cooperate with the user to select the appropriate model of product according to the actual working conditions
-Fully consider the buyer's equipment performance and functional structure, and provide the buyer with guiding opinions on equipment selection
-Provide professional technical consulting services
-In the sales process, timely provide product performance, characteristics, and various parameters, and cooperate with the buyer to choose more satisfactory products.
 Welcome to Henan Baixin for choosing the right dryer for your need. 

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