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How to Make Copra/Dehydrated Copra

Aug 19, 2021

The function of dried copra:

  Coconut is a kind of fruit that grows in tropical regions and is a plant fruit of the genus Coconut in the palm family. In foreign countries, coconut trees are called "trees of life" and coconuts are also called "fruit of life". Its juice, meat has edible nutritional value. Copra: The endosperm of coconut, also known as coconut flesh. After taking coconut milk, smash the outer peel to get it. Coconut meat contains protein and carbohydrates. It can be made into copra, coconut milk powder, coconut protein, coconut milk, coconut paste, and colorless coconut oil.
  Drying the pulp of coconut is called dried coconut, that is copra which has the following effects: the first one can supplement sugar for the human body; the second one, the various vitamins contained in dried coconut can promote the body's metabolism, which is mainly suitable for patients with rough skin; the third one is making colorless coconut oil.

Traditional Drying Method for copra:

There are three ways to dry copra out:
  • Bake dry in the oven or microwave. [The advantage is that it is quick and convenient, the disadvantage is that it is easy to bake]
  • Stir-fry in an iron pan. [The advantage is that some people watch it and not easy to fry burnt, but the disadvantage is that it is not as easy as an oven]
  • Dry in the sun. [The advantage is that it is convenient and energy-saving, and it will never be smeared, but the disadvantage is that there must be a big sun]

What is the copra dryer:

1. Heat pump copra dryer

  The structure of the coconut meat dryer: 1. Heat pump heating unit. 2. Insulation box device. 3. Hot air circulation device. 4. Automatic dehumidification device. 5. Intelligent control device. The whole system of the host drying box adopts a SUS304 stainless steel inner plate design. The whole box adopts 100MM thick polyurethane insulation layer, which has good thermal conductivity. The patented air distribution system was independently designed and developed. The drying room has a uniform wind speed and heat distribution. materials are dried quickly, no mold, and reduced drying time. With a completely closed cycle, the heat is completely recovered, zero heat loss during the drying process can be achieved, and the energy utilization rate is improved, which is 33% higher than the average level of the same industry. 

2.Continuous Mesh belt copra dryer

  The main principle of the mesh belt dryer is to spread the wet materials to be dried on the mesh belt (or chainplate) evenly. The mesh belt copra dryer adopts a high temperature, corrosion, and oxidation resistance national standard mesh belt, which is driven by a transmission device. The mesh belt moves back and forth in the dryer, and the clean and stable hot air flows through the materials, and the water vapor is discharged from the moisture exhaust hole to achieve the purpose of drying. The linear speed of the mesh belt depends on the type of material and the water content. The airflow direction adopts negative pressure and porous air intake to ensure the effective drying area, the airflow and wind speed are evenly distributed, and the drying effect is improved.
  The equipment structure of the mesh belt type copra dryer mainly includes heat exchange furnace (heat source), heating fan (providing hot air to the drying box), mesh belt drying box, power distribution control cabinet, and feeding conveyor, Discharging conveying, and other parts are specially produced and manufactured for the drying process of copra. The dried copra is convenient for long-term storage and long-distance transportation and coconut oil. 

Copra drying video

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