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How Long Does It Take to Dry Chilli/Pepper

Aug 20, 2021

 Analysis on the Current Situation of Chili/pepper Drying:

   Chili is an important vegetable and condiment, which is loved by people all over the world. The world of pepper is endless. This small bush fruit native to South America is the most widely cultivated spice in the world. It has won a large number of foodies from all over the world with its stimulating and spicy pleasure. 
  At present, over 50 million acres of peppers have been planted globally, with an annual output of 37 million tons, making it the world's largest seasoning crop. Eating hot peppers can increase appetite, help digestion, and have medicinal effects. Capsicum can also extract capsicum red pigment for use in the food and cosmetic industries. The moisture content of pepper raw materials is very high, generally 75%-85%.
  Now, whether we dry the peppers or use a pepper dryer to dry them, we use the principle of hot air circulation drying. By baking the peppers at high and low temperatures, or by using the sun and wind to achieve the moisture in the peppers to achieve the purpose of drying the pepper.
  The pepper dryer is essential equipment for pepper processing. As a professional and experienced pepper dryer manufacturer, many customers ask a question when consulting about pepper dryers: "How long does it take to dry pepper?" Here, according to a large number of customers in the experience, Henan Baixin Machinery Co., Ltd will introduce the time of pepper drying to everyone.

What are the factors that affect the drying time of peppers:

  • First of all, the drying time will be different depending on the usage of the chili pepper and the purpose of the chili pepper. Some peppers are dried whole, and some peppers are cut and dried; for example, some peppers need to be dried in sections for some certain purpose because of to get the chilli powder, the section part will be easy drying and can reduce the drying time, also it will be easy for grinding to powder. while most peppers are dried as a whole; the time required to cut and dry the peppers is shorter than the time required for the entire drying. In this regard, the drying time of peppers is different.
  • Secondly, different varieties of chilli and different drying time. there are thousands of pepper varieties. Different regions produce different varieties of pepper. Of course, their spiciness, aroma, texture, and application are also different. Different pepper varieties have different water content, picking period, and even drying period. Different varieties of peppers, different thickness of the meat, different drying time, different density of the meat, please contact us for specific drying time.
  • Third, as for the pepper drying time, the different types, models, and output of equipment produced by different manufacturers will cause the different required dry time and the drying effect of the peppers. Take the pepper drying equipment produced by our Baixin Machinery Factory, which can be divided into a large mesh belt type pepper dryer and a small and medium-sized heat pump pepper drying room. It can dry 200 kg to 50 tons of fresh pepper per day. 

The drying time required for different pepper/chili drying methods:

  The emergence of the large-scale belt-type pepper dryer is to meet the demand for drying output, which can achieve continuous drying for 24 hours. It only takes 6-7 hours from feeding to fast discharging. The equipment is applied through a multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt circulating and turning structure so that the dried peppers can be dried evenly. The equipment is automated and self-energy.
  It takes more than 10 hours to dry the peppers for a small or medium-sized pepper dryer. Because of the use of heat pump dryers as the heat source, small and medium heat pump drying machines can accurately control the temperature and humidity, so that the interior of the drying room can use intermittent drying, which can be dried in stages, and the pepper can be dried. The quality is further improved, and drying parameters such as time length, temperature, humidity, and air volume can be set for the drying time.
  According to our previous sales experience, many customers use our small and medium-sized pepper drying room in the initial stage of pepper drying, and later increase the production demand for pepper drying, and then start to use the large-scale automatic pepper dryer with mesh belt, which improves the drying efficiency More than doubled.
In short, when we dry chili if blindly pursue the drying speed and do not pursue the quality, and the price of dried peppers cannot rise, which ultimately harms us. Drying is an art. We not only sell pepper dryers and production equipment but also bring value to users and create greater drying equipment value. This is the purpose of our brand. The production of pepper dryers is the ideal choice for customers. 

Chilli/pepper drying video

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